2019 MTY Retreat Recap

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One week ago today, I touched down in Cancun, Mexico for the 2nd #MTYRetreat by Myleik Teele at the Nizuc Resort and Spa. As an attendee at last year’s MTY Retreat, I walked into the event without knowing anyone and was completely overwhelmed by it (and in a really good way). The fact that someone I’ve never met, would take the time to plan and curate such a unique and powerful experience for myself and the other guests honestly touched me in a way that I wasn’t prepared for. I could feel the love and care in every detail.

Last year, I shared with a few of the ladies in a more intimate setting that I have often felt like an outsider during my collegiate and professional careers. I’m not someone who grew up in an environment where networking and business connections were already in place. There was no particular blueprint that was laid out for me when I decided that I wanted to pursue entrepreneurship and dedicate my therapy practice to helping others cultivate personal wellness and healthy relationships. So, what was my not-so-secret weapon? The My Taught You podcast by Myleik Teele. Myleik’s podcasts cover everything from the challenges of entrepreneurship to finding happiness. Each episode has blessed my life which means that they have also blessed yours. Having the opportunity to thank her in person was one of the motivating factors that lead me to apply for The Retreat back in 2016.

photo credit: mecca gamble

photo credit: mecca gamble

As I walked into The Retreat this year, it felt like coming home. No nerves. No fear. No more wondering why or how I got there. Just pure excitement! Re-connecting with women from last year and meeting new attendees was such a treat! But the reality is, I don’t even have to connect with these women in person on a regular basis to feel their support from near and far. So many of us have forged such strong bonds with one another, which have led to local meetups, business collaborations, and strong friendships. Don’t let the cute stunts on the ‘gram fool you. The connections that Myleik has helped us to nurture are incredibly meaningful and they run DEEP.


Here are some of my favorite highlights and key takeaways from this year’s MTY Retreat:


Yvonne Orji is Fearless

(Or better yet, she feels the fear and moves forward anyway)

photo credit: mecca gamble

photo credit: mecca gamble

When the actress (known as Molly on the hit show Insecure on HBO) was asked how she mustered up the courage to leave her career in public health to pursue acting, Yvonne’s response blew all of us away: “I hate regret more than I hate fear.” This was such a succinct but powerful statement that resonated with so many of us.

Morgan DeBaun Has No Problem Running You Her Receipts

(And neither should you)

Morgan DeBaun.jpg

During Morgan’s master class, we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to another attendee that we had never met and share all of our accomplishments with them. What a powerful exercise! I had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with Olaide Ojekunle, creative entrepreneur, founder of Baedates, and winner of the #MTYReatreatContest! (She’s amazing by the way). Morgan, founder of Blavity, explained that the ability to clearly communicate who you are and what you have achieved is critical in life and in business. Many of us have deflected incredible opportunities in the name of “humility.” There is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of yourself and your accolades. Share away!

Devi Brown Exemplified Karleen Roy’s Advice

(And I did not connect the dots until today)

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Before even beginning her presentation, Devi Brown (author and Founder of Karma Bliss) started off her master class by having each audience member extend their hand toward the back of the room to acknowledge Myleik (who was standing there holding her little one, Noah. Too adorable). Devi took the time to thank and extend support Myleik, the person that brought her into this space to begin with. What struck me about this moment in hindsight is that this act of acknowledgement is something that Karleen, founder and CEO of The Vanity Group noted as one of her best pieces of advice for building a successful business. Never forget to express your gratitude to the person who brought you into the room to begin with.

During her masterclass, Devi also touched on the importance of setting healthy boundaries with others (one of my favorite topics). She stated, “The work requires you to have difficult conversations with yourself and others.” This inner work is never, ever easy, but vital if you are hoping to find and stay on track to and through your purpose.

“They” Can’t Dim Myleik’s Light

(And they can only dim yours if you let them)

Photo credit: mecca gamble

Photo credit: mecca gamble

When asked about coping with people who go out of their way to diminish your character, work ethic or overall awesomeness, Myleik simply stated, “You can’t dim my light. I have the switch.” Leave it to Myleik to force us all the way out of our feelings on this one. The reality is that when you pursue a particular path in life, everyone won’t be supportive of you. In fact, some may even try to sabotage you. Kahlana Barfield and Luvvie also touched on their “time in the barrel” and noted that regardless of the criticism, we cannot be selfish with our dreams.


What I Hope You’ll Take Away From This Post

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If there is any aspect of your life that you don’t find satisfying, commit to bettering yourself in that area, while being mindful of who you’re spend your time with and how. This can be done in many ways including through in-person retreats, online communities and reading books. Creating healthy connections with other people is important for your overall health and well-being. And if your friends aren’t in support of that, it’s time to edit and thoughtfully expand your tribe. You have the ability to control who you spend your time with.

“Unapologetic self care” is something that Myleik speaks out about regularly and is one of the pillars of the MTY Retreat, unapologetic being the key word here. There is an unspoken stigma that comes with investing in yourself. As I always say, time and energy are LIMITED resources and it’s important to be mindful about how you spend yours. Do not be afraid to pour into YOURSELF.

Make the unpopular decision when you know it’s the right thing to do and take the leap of faith when you know there is no other way. You’ll be so pleased with what’s waiting for you on the other side.

Looking forward to the continued domino effect that is the #MyTaughtYou movement. I am the magic.

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